How we work

Through monthly meetings, we will come together for a structured talk around a set of ideas already decided upon from the previous meeting. It is hoped by this process, each member can contribute to the development of the collective and steer the debates in area’s that are of interest to the group. In opening the option of deciding what to talk about, it is hoped that it keeps the debates on trend and brings a fresh perspective to the group.

The structure of the meetings will be two part:

Part One is a discussion with an arts professional, someone working within the field of Queer art or who themselves identifies under the header of Queer. The discussion would be an informal talk but one that is structured in as much as it follows a topic or a theme for that session.

Part two is an open discussion in a less formal way. The theme or topic for discussion will be carried through and then be opened up for people that want to contribute to what has already been discussed in part one, to be able to do so in a more relaxed and less formalised and structured manner.

The collective is a space for those who wish to engage, discuss, critique, converse and build a network with each other. This is a collaborative resource tool for all that want to attend and take part in a space that is safe and welcoming, inclusive and understanding and one that will be enriched by its members.