January Meeting.

Hello hello,

December is a busy month with end of term and trying to get all our university work in and read and write dissertations etc. so, for December i haven’t booked a slot for the group to meet again.

However, i was thinking about the end of January to commence the start of the new sessions? A new year, a new start, some new perspectives and a year of some really interesting exhibitions and queer related talks/shows/art and debates.

At the end of the last session in November at the Museum of Liverpool, we spoke about watching some Kenneth Anger films and looking at gay sub-cultures which will be really interesting, so if everyone is happy to discuss this art medium, we will find a space to show a couple of his shorter films and discuss them.

A couple of exciting developments to talk about as well when we reconvene in January but as the Museum of Liverpool is closed for a period of time in the new year, we will be looking at maybe the Walker or thanks to Michael Birchall, Tate Liverpool are willing facilitate the collective as well, so perhaps we could meet there?

I will send emails out early in the new year and will publish the minutes and talk that Matt Exley and Lynn Wray gave us in the new year as well.

I hope you all have a great holiday period and a happy new year and i look forward to seeing you all again at Tate or the Walker in January.





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