Initial first session of NWQAC

Our initial session for the North West Queer Arts Collective was attended by more people than i thought would attend, at once stage.

Standing and waiting with Matt Exley, the researcher who works collaboratively with Lynn Wray on the LGBT project, Pride and Prejudice, i kept thinking that perhaps it was just me who might have had an interest in Queer art. Why on earth would anyone else want to join a group that speak about this kind of thing? What was i thinking? However, those fears were left aside when as we made our way to the education room, more people turned up. Clearly i wasn’t the only one who wanted to discuss Queer art and its many firms and guises.

Sitting round the table with everyone, i thought it was a good idea to discuss what everyone’s interests were in the arts and what they wanted to get out of the collective.

I was really interested that everyone had a different sub-genre of queer art that they preferred over another and the diversity of sub genre’s within the group was really varied. Of course, some people that attended didn’t have any knowledge about queer art at all and their motivation was to learn.

That is the intention of all of us within the collective and the initial idea of for setting up the group. Its important that we develop as a group by learning from each other about different things. It’s intended to be a development aid in the queer arts to understand more and i can see that this will happen, even from the initial first session, from the vary varied ideas and knowledge that the people who attend will bring.


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