North West Queer Arts Collective is a group of like minded people (aimed primarily at undergraduates, recent graduates, artists and professionals) who identify as but not limited to Lesbian, Gay, Queer, Bisexual, Transgender, Gender-Queer, Gender-Variant or non-conforming, Undefined, Questioning, Exploring persons and Heterosexuals, that want to develop and share ideas, theories, knowledge, skills, methodologies, and debates around the Queer Arts.

The collective will be a resource for education and research for members of the group. It will be a tool in helping develop knowledge in this particular field of the arts and supplement learning which will be developed in an environment of like minded people, each person bringing different views and ideas which will come from different disciplines. This will help in developing understanding through discursive debates and informal talks by the collectives members and from visiting professional.

The collective is a space for those who wish to engage, discuss, critique, converse and build a network with each other. This is a collaborative resource tool for all that want to attend and take part in a space that is safe and welcoming, inclusive and understanding and one that will be enriched by its members.